Blockchain - Industrial Applications and decentralized Apps


  • Hartmann Felix - CEO and Founder extus

    Hartmann Felix is an Entrepreneur. After leaving Europe for several years he returned to Italy and founded his first consultancy startup. Allways passioned about innovation of all kind he got in touch with bitcoin back in 2013. He started to work full time on blockchain and connected technologies in 2017. In that year he founded a closed expert network that aims to support companies and investors with respect to pioneering blockchain Innovation. He also founded and is a co-organizer of the blockchain meetup southtyrol.

  • Fabio Antonelli; Ph.D - Head of OpenIoT @ FBK - CREATE-NET Research Center

    Fabio Antonelli is head of the OpenIoT research group (Open Platforms and Enabling Technologies for the Internet of Things) at the CREATE-NET research center of the Bruno Kessler Foundation. A graduate in Electronic Engineering, he has worked in the telecommunications sector for more than 15 years, gaining extensive experience in experimental research, design and software development and in the management of complex ICT projects. In recent years, at the Bruno Kessler Foundation, his interests have focused on applied research in the field of multimedia networking, platforms and architectures for the Internet of Things, contributing and coordinating research activities in the context of various European research projects in the Future Internet, Multimedia, Internet of Things.

  • Prof. Michele Marchesi - Professor of software engineering @ Unica, CTO @ extus

    Michele Marchesi is the coordinator of the Agile Group, a research group on software engineering and blockchain technologies at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Cagliari. Graduated in Electronic and Mathematical Engineering at the University of Genoa, researcher at the Institute for Electronic Circuits of the C.N.R. of Genova from 1976 to 1987, he was then associate professor at the University of Ancona from 1987 to 1990, and at the University of Genova from 1990 to 1994. From 1994 he holds the current position at the University of the Studies of Cagliari. Author of over 300 international publications, he has been and is the coordinator of various Italian and European research projects, for several million euros. His research interests are agile and lean methodologies for software production, software product and process metrics, modeling and simulation of heterogeneous agents of economic systems and financial markets, the study of blockchain, its applications and its business models. At the end of 2017, he joined extus as CTO.

  • Fabio Fiori - CTO @ Foodchain S.p.A

    Foodchain is an innovative startup based in the technological hub of Lomazzo (CO) that offers a supply chain tracking service using Blockchain technology. Fabio Fiori, computer science and electronics training obtained at the Polytechnic University of Turin, began his research in the Blockchain back in 2012 in the online payments sector. He focused his attention on the technological aspects. Co-founder of Foodchain, he currently holds the role of CTO and deals with the entire Blockchain infrastructure and IT security in the company.

  • Roberto Zunino Ph.D - Researcher @ CryptoLabTN

    Roberto Zunino is a researcher in Computer Science at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Trento. One of his main research topics is the modeling and verification of distributed systems, using techniques derived from the theory of competition and the theory of programming. In this context, he dealt with the automatic verification of cryptographic protocols, as well as with the problems inherent in the coordination between services distributed through formal contracts. Roberto Zunino has also worked on algorithms for the stochastic simulation of biological systems. For three years he was also a researcher at the COSBI center co-founded by Microsoft Research and the University of Trento. Recently, he has carried out research on blockchain and smart contracts, taking care of their formalization. Furthermore, it has developed efficient protocols to carry out secure lotteries on Bitcoin.

  • Tiziana Cimoli, Ph.D - researcher @ unica

    Tiziana Cimoli is a research fellow at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Cagliari. Within the research group,, she studied the interactions guided by contracts and their properties. Initially, she was interested in contracts expressed through event structures, Petri nets and session types. Recently, she has shifted her attention to smart contracts and blockchain technology, with a particular interest in fraud and security vulnerabilities.Her most recent work involves an analysis of the security vulnerabilities of smart contracts on Ethereum, Ponzi schemes, and smart contract models on Bitcoin. In 2018 she joined the extus network.